Ultimate Ray Designer

As a VFX artist, I constantly need geometry as a base to make nice effects. Lines and curves are a big chunk of that. Usually, I would open up 3ds max and start modeling some geometry that I could use with a shader to animate it. This kind of work is very repetative so I finally decided to make it into a tool. That was the birth of Ultimate Ray Designer.

Ultimate Ray Designer creates geometry in form of a line or a curve. In the editor, the material can be animated and allows for fully dynamic effects with animated geometry, vertices and textures. Over the years, I’ve used this tool as a base to create other effects with it like dynamic rivers or debuging options. The possibilities are sheer endless. Check it out on the Asset Store.


Basic Design Choices

Ultimate Ray Designer always creates one quadratic bezier curve with start and end point as well as two control points. The tool then creates a mesh out of it. There are different types of geometry creation methods and facing modes available. The user then cann add multiple rays by adding styles to it. Every style can be edited in a way to create a Unique effect:

  • Width (over length)
  • Strength (vertex offset)
  • Material
  • Facing mode
  • Mesh pattern
  • Material


Create multiple thin curves with a fast animation speed and strong vertex offset strength + a jagged texture and blue color: Lightning

Make a straight line by parenting all the controls together with the same height and depth position, change the texture to faded edges and red color: Laser



Ultimate Ray Designer comes with a lot of useful toolsm performance options and built-in functions. You can change the amount of intersections and triangles with a slider to optimize performance.

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